Graduate Employability Report (2020)

In 2020, due to COVID-19, no convocation ceremony was conducted at the university level. Despite not having a ceremony to celebrate the graduates, Faculty of Computing (FK) has 369 graduates from 3 bachelor programs (BCS, BCN and BCG) and 1 diploma program (DCS). From 369 graduates, 84.3% (N=311) has become the respondent for survey done by KPT – Sistem Kajian Pengesanan Graduan (SKPG).

In 2020, FK had achieved 90% Graduate Employability. This data is retrieved from 2020 Tracer Study held by MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education). Detailed distribution on GE is depicted in Table 1.


ge2016 table1Table 1 Distribution of GE 2020 by Program


%GE is calculated every year based on graduates’ ability in getting employed/further study/waiting for job placement/attending short courses within 6- to 12- months after senate.

ge2016 figure1Figure 1: Distribution of Employed Graduates in Working Sector


In total, 196 graduates were employed. Which is 63.06% from overall GE. Figure 2 shows the distribution in Working Sector in which, 51.4% (N = 95 graduates) working in the Local Company Sector, followed by 25.9% (N=48 graduates) working in the Multinational Company Sector.

From 311 respondents, 10% (N= 32 graduates) are unemployed and still searching for the job employment when this survey was conducted.

2020 GE Coordinator
Faculty of Computing, UMP


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